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Why is Love Hard? - "Godly Love"

Updated: Feb 12

1.       There were several kinds of love that Pastor Randy mentioned. Agape is the perfect love that God shows us, but there are other words used in the Greek language:

a.       Eros – intimate, romantic
b.       Philia – Friendship, loyalty
c.       Storge – between parents and children
d.       Ludus – Playful, flirting
e.       Pragma – Mature, duty
f.        Xenia – hospitality, guest friendship

Which version of love listed above comes easiest for you? Which is the most difficult?

2. Love is an action that we have to choose to do, even with those who we don’t like. God loved us so much He gave His only Son to die for us despite our many sins against Him. How can you choose to love an enemy (or someone you just don’t get along with)? Is this something you can commit to doing in the next week?

3. While love is an action we choose to take, it’s not a suggestion from Jesus. It’s a commandment (John 13:34-35). And it’s not just any kind of love, but since we must love like Jesus, we’re commanded to exercise agape (unconditional) love. It’s unlikely we will ever need to literally sacrifice our lives for someone else, but there are other, more practical ways we can sacrifice. What are some things you can do to lay down your life for someone else?

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