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The Lifestyle of Good

1. It's normal to feel stuck in our lives or walk with Jesus. It's tempting to want to make changes because we think that will get us unstuck rather than continuing what we were called to do. But if we do good where we are, our path will become clear. Who is someone you see regularly that you could bless in the next week?

2. It takes intentionality for us to be good because, in our flesh, we’re all selfish. We naturally gravitate towards what feels comfortable for us, but our focus should be on what’s fruitful for God’s Kingdom. Spend some time taking inventory of your life. What have you done for someone else (outside of your kids or spouse) in the last 30 days? If you can’t think of anything, don’t beat yourself up. What can you do for someone else in the next 30 days?

3. It takes a special mentality to see good things through until the end. When things get hard we can start feeling like maybe we’re not where God wants us to be. Since we strive for comfort, if something makes us uncomfortable, our flesh wants to stop doing it or avoid it altogether. God doesn’t cause harm to come on us, but He works everything that happens together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). What is a difficult situation you’re dealing with right now? How could God be using it to prepare you for what’s next?


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