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"The Divinity in the Nativity" - Part 3

1. Throughout the history of man, countless people were thought to have been wise. Unfortunately, a lot of them sought wisdom apart from God. Some were even looking for Him but were looking in the wrong place. Where do you go to find Jesus? Do you feel like what you’re doing now is enough for the relationship we should be seeking to have with Him? Where else do you think you could go while you pursue a closer relationship with Him?

2. Wisdom is defined in several different ways throughout the world. In Christianity, one of the trademark attributes of wise men (or women) is that they seek after Jesus. In the nativity story, the Wisemen believed so strongly that He was the prophesied king that they traveled several hundred miles (some say 900 miles) in their pursuit of Him. While we don't have to physically travel by foot or horse to South Carolina to meet Jesus, there are emotional and mental journeys we have to go through to enter into His presence. Maybe it's telling your friends no to a late-night hangout, not getting distracted by your long to-do list, or forgiving someone who claimed to be a Christian but was rude to you. Either way, we all have to seek Jesus from where we are. What are the lengths you find yourself having to go to enter Jesus' presence?

3. When the three Wisemen were finally able to enter into Jesus’ presence, they each provided a gift to mark the momentous occasion. Similar to how we respond to events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. These were no ordinary gifts but were gifts that matched Jesus’ position. When you enter Jesus’ presence, do you give Him your best? If not, what barriers prevent you from giving the gifts He deserves?


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