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Why is Love Hard? - "Relational Love"

"I don't know if we will ever master love.
We have to open our hearts and let love master us".
-Pastor Randy.

1.       God loved us before we ever loved or even acknowledged Him. God loves us with no strings attached because He is love. It can be easy for us to lose sight of that as the cares of the world and the busyness of our lives capture our attention. Take some time to think through some of the recent events in your life. How has God’s never-failing love shown up for you so far in 2024?

2.       As Christians, one of our primary duties is to make the love of Jesus known. He didn’t have strings attached to the love He gave us, and the best way to show that we are His is to love like He did. That doesn’t mean that we have to allow people to treat us in any kind of way, sometimes the loving thing to do is to keep physical (and sometimes even emotional) distance while continuing to pray for God to move in their lives. Who is someone you struggle to show the love of Jesus to? How can you take steps this week to love them better?

3.       Life is hard. When we try to do it alone we make it infinitely harder, while also moving away from God’s best for us. Yes, God is always with us, but He didn’t create us to try and do life without close human bonds. He has placed people in our lives, some for seasons, others more permanently, but all are to help us grow into the people we’re called to be. Besides your significant other and children, who has God placed in your life to help you reach your full potential? How can you love them all the way to them reaching their potential?


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