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Why is Love Hard? - "Marriage"

1.       There are all kinds of reasons people get married. Some for noble and Godly reasons, and others…not so much. For us to have a happy marriage, it can’t be for eros, philia, storge, ludus, pragma, xenia, and definitely not mania. But it needs to be agape from both spouses. Think of the couples you’ve seen up close and personal over your life. Who have you witnessed be the best example of this?     

2.       There are lessons you can only learn about yourself and others through walking closely with someone else, and no relationship can bring people closer than marriage (no, not even your parents or your kids). What is an enduring lesson you’ve learned through your marriage or watching someone else’s marriage from the outside?    
3.       Sadly, divorce is a common occurrence in our society. But as the Bible says, “there’s nothing new under the sun,” because Matthew 19:3-8 shows us that divorce has been happening since the days of Moses, and men sought divorce for all kinds of reasons. Whether it's through your lived experiences or lessons learned from other couples, what are some ways you think a couple could divorce-proof their marriage? What challenges may a couple face as they try to do that?


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