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Why is Love Hard? - "Love Your Enemies"

1.       The 10 commandments can ultimately be summed up in the two that Jesus gave us; love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds (commandments 1- 4) and others as ourselves (commandments 5 – 10). This is simple but not easy, especially with people we don’t like. What can you do to love someone you don't often get along with? How can you start that this week?

2. People who claim to be Christians have committed some of the worst acts known to man. And while many of us have been hurt by America’s original sin, that doesn’t mean we get to make an exception to God’s commandments about loving others. While we can love some people from a distance, we don’t get to be hostile or even hateful to anyone, no matter what they’ve done. Have you had an opportunity to witness someone show love to someone who sinned against them? Can you share about that experience and the impression it left on you?

3. If the Church doesn’t do anything else, it should love people. No matter how many times they’ve harmed us, we love them. That’s what agape love means, to love people without conditions. What situations do you find especially difficult to love people through? What steps can you take to keep this perspective when loving others?


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