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What does the Bible say about...? Part 5

Ephesians 6:13 – 18 outlines what the full armor of God includes and finishes with a reminder to pray for all God’s people, but that isn't always easy. It can be tempting to only pray for those we see or get along with the most. Think about some Christians you have a hard time getting along with. What is something you can pray about for them?

Pastor Randy named several types of prayer: consecration, petition, authority, thanksgiving, agreement, supplication, and intercession. We’re encouraged to pray all kinds of prayers, but sometimes we can get stuck asking God for things. Other than petitioning God for something, what is another way God is calling you to engage with Him?

One of the benefits of praying in the Spirit is that you can bypass what your flesh thinks you need to pray for while relying on the Spirit to address the more important things going on in your life. Take some time to go beyond your usual wants/desires. What could God be calling you to do that would bring glory to His name?


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