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"Tiny Teachers"

1. At times, children can be looked to as some of the best teachers. Jesus even points to them as examples of being good disciples in Matthew 18:3 when He said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” What do you think is an advantage children have over adults when it comes to following Jesus? What are some things you could do to have a faith that resembles a child?

2. When children are born they don’t come out with a taste for junk food. Their tastes/desires develop based on what their parents feed them. Our spirits are similar in that we crave what we’re exposed to and then decide what we find palatable. We should all be growing in how we exercise our faith and not only looking to have spiritual milk. How have you grown in your faith walk in the last few years? What can you develop a taste for that will help you grow even more in the next few years?

3. Pastor Randy mentioned five main stages that many of us are in our Christian development. Maybe you’re a young Christian, and up until now, you’ve only had spiritual milk to help you mature. Or we need sanctification because our past messes continue to cling to us. You might be missing out on the much-needed edification because you’re preoccupied with things that make you feel good temporarily. Some of us feel a calling on our lives and find ourselves getting ahead of God’s timing because we’re impatient, leading to instability. Or you're getting closer to God but struggling to concentrate on what He has for you. Out of beloved bottles, dirty diapers, playful pacifiers, wobbly walkers, and rhythmic rattlers, which stage resonates most with you and why?


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