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The Lost Sheep

Pastor R.L. House Jr.

  1. Sometimes, it can be easy to feel like we’ve got it all figured out when we try to help others. In our desire to help, we can get impatient and try to hold people who aren’t Christians, to the same standard we hold those who are Christians, aka “try to clean fish that haven’t been caught.” What are some things you think you could do to help remind you to be patient with those who are lost?

  2. At some point in time, we’ve all been lost. We experience hardships that at the time seem like they’ll never end or in some cases, seem like they will be the end of us. Think of a time when Jesus found you during those troubles. What lesson do you think God wanted you to learn from those experiences?

  3. We all know someone who despite getting exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Who is someone who comes to mind for you? Take some time to prayerfully consider why God put that person in your heart. What is God telling you about your role in introducing them to Jesus?


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