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"The Father's House"

1. We’ve all probably had prodigal seasons in our lives, a time when we decided we wanted to live how we desired and out of the watchful eyes of our parents or other authority figures. But God puts them in our lives for a reason, so their presence is invaluable. We’re at greater risk for huge losses when we step out of their presence. It may not always be as dramatic as the Prodigal Son, but we’ve all likely experienced this in one way or the other. Whose presence in your life has meant more than money or anything else that can be measured? Take some time this week to let them know how much they’ve meant to you.

2. When the prodigal son came to his senses, he realized that even the servants in his father’s house had more provisions and protection than the life he was leading. Fortunately, when he decided to humble himself and come home, he didn’t find a petty man waiting to say I told you so. He found a passionate man thrilled to see his son return from wayward living. His dad was so excited that he ran out to greet him (this was disgraceful behavior for a man of his stature back then). The mercy he showed his son continues to be an example to us all today. Can you share about a time you witnessed this kind of forgiveness? What did you learn from seeing this?

3. God ultimately wants to partner with us, not because He needs us, but for no reason other than He loves us. He isn’t looking to be the Robin to our Batman though. Our responsibility is to go where He’s leading us and follow the instructions He provides. It's rarely comfortable initially, but He gives us what we need to be effective. What is something uncomfortable that you believe God is calling for you to partner with Him? What are your barriers to following what He’s calling you into?


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