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"The Divinity in the Nativity" - Part 4

  1. To find true peace, we must be sure we’re tied to God. He sent His one and only son to die for us to have access to this peace, but we must accept this free gift to enjoy the benefits. Is this a decision you’ve made? If so, how well have you maintained the peace that lives in you? If you haven’t decided to accept this gift, what is keeping you from doing so?

  2. There is a lot wrong right now as world peace seems to get further and further out of reach. What is an issue going on right now in the world that weighs heavy on your heart? How have you engaged with addressing this issue, and how can we pray with you in your efforts?

  3. Sometimes life be lifing, and it disturbs the peace we have within us. Maybe we’re having health issues, problems within our family, or there’s trouble at work. What external factors do you find yourself wrestling with the most? What steps are you taking to ensure inner peace?


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