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"The Divinity in the Nativity" - Part 1

  1. God has a different way of valuing things than we do, and sometimes He uses messy situations to help us gain the perspective He needs us to have. This allows Him to move us even closer to His plans for us. What have you experienced that while it was messy and unpleasant at the time, ultimately led to you gaining better insight into God’s plan for you?

  2. There’s a villain in the nativity whose actions forced Mary and Joseph to relocate to protect Jesus. This relocation led to prophesies being fulfilled, allowed Jesus to grow up in obscurity, and ultimately helped to complete His ultimate mission. While dealing with a villain is hardly pleasant, it helps us grow into who God has designed us to be. What villain do you have to deal with right now? What areas of life do you see yourself growing in as a result?

  3. At the end of the nativity, there’s a victory as Jesus was born, which jumpstarted world-changing events. This was foreseen long before it came to fruition, and we can all look forward to another victory at the end of time. Knowing this can assure us through the challenges we face, but it can be difficult to remember when we’re in the thick of it. How can remembering that we win in the end help your perspective of current difficulties?


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