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The Cost of Change

This week we learned that nothing is permanent, and everything changes. What areas in your life do you feel God is leading you into a season of change?

We see in Ecclesiastes 3:3-11 that there are seasons that we don’t always associate with being good. God makes purpose out of death, mourning, destruction, and more. What areas in your life do you currently feel stagnant or even experiencing a loss that God is using to reveal His purpose for you?

We should all want to find ways to be more mature as we aim to be more like Jesus. It can be in our relationship with God, people, things, or another area. What is an area of your life where you see a need to mature?

God calls us to be good stewards of the resources He has blessed us with. We all want to be showered with blessings as mentioned in Ezekiel 34:26, but we also need to manage them well. Using time, talent, and treasures as areas of focus, where could you do a better job of stewarding what God has already blessed you with?


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