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The Christmas Connection - Jesus

1. Contrary to what many would have us think, we need to be saved, and only God is capable of providing that to us. He saves us from sin, from Satan, and even from ourselves. Can you share when you made the decision to accept the gift of salvation?

2. God didn’t just want to save us but redeem us as well. He doesn’t just want to leave us on the shore after saving us from drowning, but He wants to bring us into His home, give us new clothes, food, shelter, and whatever else we need to be made whole. This had to happen through the blood of Jesus when He died on the cross for us. What is something different about your life since you were redeemed?

3. God wants us to live with Him, to become one with Him. So that when people see us, they have a glimpse of what it’s like to be in His presence. This will lead to additions (or even multiplication) in God's Kingdom and our lives. Who is someone you know that embodies this? What is something you could learn from them?


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