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"The Basics of Baptism"

1. Baptism is a pillar of the Christian faith, so much so that Jesus led by example when He got baptized by His cousin John, even though He didn't have any sins to wash away. While it doesn’t determine whether or not we go to Heaven, it is one of the first and most simple ways we can follow Jesus’ examples. None of us can live sinless lives, turn water into wine, or walk on water, but we can get baptized. Have you been baptized? If not, what’s preventing you from following this example of Jesus? If you have, think back to the day that you got baptized. What is one specific way you have seen spiritual growth in your life over that time?

2. 1 Corinthians 12:13 teaches us that we’re all baptized in the same Spirit, which brings us into one body. While some of us aren’t as visible members of the body as others, we’re all needed for the body of Christ to be at its best. Just like in our bodies, if one member isn’t healthy or doing its part, it impacts the whole body. Beyond Sunday worship and maybe even participating in a PACT or Bible Study, what steps are you taking to be a healthy member? What is one habit you could start to strengthen your spiritual health/contribution?

3. In Romans 6:1-6 we see that getting baptized represents us dying to our old self and uniting with Jesus through His resurrection. Unfortunately, this rebirth is only spiritual, and we still have to navigate our fleshly desires. We all enjoy getting a good word on Sunday, but before that, there are always Saturday nights when our family is getting on our nerves or our friends invite us out like the “good ole days”. Some of us look forward to Wednesday nights, but first, there are Tuesday afternoons when our co-workers are pushing our buttons. What area of your life does your flesh have more power than it should? Please prayerfully consider inviting another member of the body to pray with you regarding that challenge.


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