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The Attitude of Winning

  1. Part of the attitude of winning is that we have confidence in God, or as Pastor Randy called it, “Godfidence,” that regardless of the odds we will come out on top. What situation in your life do you look back on that helps strengthen your Godfidence?

  2. When you have a winning attitude, even a loss can feel like a victory because of how much you learn from it. What is a situation that initially felt like a loss, but turned into a win thanks to what you learned?

  3. Some people have such a winning attitude that even being around them turns others into winners. Who is a person you know or heard of that has a contagious winning attitude?

  4. Pastor Randy left us with six steps to maintain a winning attitude. 1) Reject the noise, 2) Remember your God in prayer, 3) Remember your commitment to God, 4) Recite your future, 5) Respect the limited commitment of others, and 6) Recover. Which step comes most naturally for you? Which one of these steps is most difficult for you?


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