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"Sanctification A Three Fold Process"

1.       When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are justified simply due to our new standing with Him. We’re immediately set apart for a special purpose, but before we can serve that purpose, we must know who we are in Christ. What is one word you would use to describe your identity in Christ? How does that attribute influence your ability to fulfill your purpose?

2.       Part of our Christian walk is to always work to move away from sin. Progressing toward who God has called us to be. Remaining anchored to the cross so we can always be sure not to lose sight of who we are. As we progress, we learn some difficult but important lessons along the way. If you could go back in time to impart some wisdom on a younger version of yourself, what is one thing you would share? Think about the people in your circle of influence. Who is a younger person you could share that same lesson with?

3.       While we should always aim to progress towards being as much like Jesus as possible, we will never attain perfection on this side of eternity. When we leave our earthly bodies, all the hardships of the world get left behind as well. Ultimately, the entire reason God sent His only Son to die such a gruesome death is that we all could just have the option of spending eternity with Him and in perfect sanctification. When we accept this, it impacts how we view ourselves and live out our faith. Do you, or anyone you know, struggle with this truth? Why do you think that is? What are some things you could do to reinforce this reality?

"Until you know who you are in Christ, you won't know how to act"
"If you want victories, you must first acknowledge you are already victorious"
"It matters what your plumline is anchored to"
"It's a mistake to determine your value based on the world's value of you...Your value comes from God"
"Do you dare to believe that God loves you that much?"


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