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Relationships 101: Part I

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

1. Each of us is in a room designed by God to help us grow. It can be uncomfortable having to stay still before we progress to the next stage, but sometimes we need to wait on God where we are. What room does God have you waiting in?

2. Being single is an opportunity to grow into who God wants us to be, but we don't always take advantage of this season as well as we could. If you’re currently single, what is an area of your life you think God is trying to help you grow? If you're married, what are some things about yourself you wish you would've learned before getting married?

3. Pastor Randy mentioned four different kinds of immaturity that we need to grow out of. Hopefully, before we bring our dysfunction into relationships with others. Emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual immaturity can all impact how we connect with others. Which area could you most use more maturity?


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