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Relationships 101: Part IV

1. Pastor Randy mentioned four primary words for love in Greek. Eros (erotic), storge (familial), philia (brotherly), and agape (unconditional). While only God could ever show us, perfect agape love, this side of Heaven, He has blessed us with people in our lives who can give us a glimpse into what unconditional love is. Who is this person in your life, and what makes them stand out among everyone else?

2. Love is an important part of any relationship, but it isn’t enough to make a marriage or any other close relationship successful. It takes knowledge to know the right things to do and say. It takes hard work to discover more about you and the person you’re building a relationship with. And it takes wisdom to put it all together when the time is right. Which one of these areas can you stand to mature in the most?

3. As a Christian, self-denial is one of the foundational elements of our faith walk. Sometimes we have conflicts in relationships, and we think others need to change. While this may be true sometimes, it's usually us that need to make some changes. We have to die to the part of us that wants to get its way, forcing others to conform to us. What are some habits that you have in your closest relationships that God is nudging you to die to?


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