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Relationships 101: Part II

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

1. God wants us to maximize our time on earth, and sometimes He will put us in difficult situations to show us how we can grow into who He wants us to be. What is a difficult situation you’re in right now that God might be using to help you become the best version of who He created you to be?

2. Marriage is not a cure for loneliness. If we go into a marriage thinking the other person will complete us or make us whole, we put them in a position to be an idol in our lives. Despite what society might tell us, only God can complete us. What is a part of your life you may have counted on another person to make you whole? What can you do to turn that over to God?

3. Sometimes we look for God to send us more help in difficult situations when He has given us all we need to get through it. In times like these, His aid comes once we’ve completed all we can do with what He’s given us. Think about some areas in your life that you have been hoping for help to come. What resources do you have available to you that could ease your load?

4. Sometimes God doesn’t only maximize us for our benefit, but He also does it for the benefit of others. What is a situation in your life that God used to help you grow, and you were able to help others mature in that same area?


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