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"Plans and Grace"

1. The number five in the Bible represents grace, and as we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we thought it appropriate to take this time to reflect on the grace God has shown our congregation and look ahead to how much more it can abound in the future. Can you share how God’s grace has appeared in your life in the last five years? What is something you’re hoping to see in the next five years?

2. At IMPACT Community Church, we believe God has a next level for us as we aim to love Jesus and make the love of Jesus known. We will do that by helping others get saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving. We are here to be a positive and continuous influence for generations to come. How do you see yourself contributing to us reaching the next level? 

"God's grace will take you to the next level"
"God has a next level for you. He has a next level for IMPACT"


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