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Just Jesus - PT III

1. When the storm suddenly started, the disciples woke Jesus up because they were afraid they would die. After Jesus did His thing, He turned to them, and asked, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” – Mark 4:40. This lets us know that they could address the problem, but their fear overtook their faith. What is a situation in your life where your fear is overtaking your faith?

2. When Jesus spoke to the storm, He started by rebuking the wind (the invisible force making trouble for them) and then told the waves (the visible force making trouble for them) to be still. We naturally reverse this order, but Jesus demonstrates what can happen if we address the spiritual issues first. What is a storm in your life that you’ve only been speaking to the waves (what we see)? What do you think is the wind (what we don't see) in that situation?

3. Once everyone safely made it across the sea, we see in Mark 5 that Jesus and the disciples were headed to a man possessed by so many demons that they called themselves Legion (meaning 6000+). Jesus didn’t waste words trying to counsel or negotiate with Legion. He told the unclean spirit to get out of the man (you ain’t got to go home, but you got to get out of here) and then gave them permission for where they could go next. This is what authority looks like. What unclean spirit do you need to exercise your God-given authority over?


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