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Just Jesus - PT II

1. Wisdom is a good thing, but sometimes we get ourselves in trouble when we seek out the world’s wisdom and forsake the wisdom of God. We rely on our formal and informal education, social media, political leaders, and several other things that pull us away from what God says. What is one source of wisdom that doesn’t point directly to Jesus that you find yourself looking to often?

2. Sometimes we slowly slip away from Jesus by allowing other things in. Maybe we don’t literally rely on spirits other than the Holy Spirit, but we might look to astrology to guide us. We may not actually use crystals to amplify our prayers but rely on certain prayer positions, phrases, or other rituals to give us a better chance of being heard. We may not be in a full-blown cult, but we partner with other people claiming to be Christians but place different leaders or ideologies on a pedestal. Take a moment to think through your life, and pray for God to help open your eyes to which area you struggle most. Now that you’ve taken inventory of your heart, which area (un-godly guides, rituals, or ideologies) did God place on your heart?

3. The Gospel is divine and supersedes the natural. So while God was purposeful with the natural identities He gave us, and those identities are to be valued and treated with dignity, our divine nature comes first. When we walk in this reality, we are better able to take hold of all things that pertain to life and godliness. By focusing on His glory and excellence, we have access to His promises (2 Peter 1:3-4). What is a promise you're trusting in right now? How can you improve your focus on God's divine excellence as you wait for His promises in your life?


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