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"Just ASK"

1.       We all have wants and needs that require God’s intervention. And while He knows the desires of our hearts even before we do, He still wants to receive an invitation from us. When we ask God in faith, we invite Him to get involved on our behalf. What is something you would like God’s help with? How can we join you in prayer as you seek God’s aid?

2.       While God loves us and wants good things for us, He also wants us to be engaged in the process. It’s been said that we should “pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on us.” So, while we ask in faith through prayer, we should also seek God’s Kingdom first. If the things we want are only for our pleasure, God isn’t as likely to deliver (James 4:3). How do the things you’re asking God for help build His Kingdom? If it doesn't, how can you redirect your focus?

3.       Sometimes, we ask God for something once and then go about our business, hardly ever thinking about it again. There are examples in the Bible, the friend at night(Luke 11:5-8) and the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-14), to name a few, when it took repeated and fervent requests to break through and get the desired result. Now that you’ve identified what you’d like God to do and (hopefully) how it builds His Kingdom, it’s time to knock with fervor. Commit to asking God every day (or however often feels right to you) and see what He does in your life.


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