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Job Series - Family of Job

1. Having a healthy relationship with God leads to healthier relationships with our family. It doesn’t guarantee they will all look how we’d like them to, but it allows us to be an ever-present example. Who is someone in your family that you’ve watched (either up close or from a distance) that has had a relationship with God that has helped their relationship with everyone else in the family? What is one habit they maintained that you could adopt for yourself?

2. We all have complicated relationships with at least one person in our families. But while we don’t like to think about our loved ones (or even our semi-liked ones) dying before we do, a harsh reality of our time on earth is that people we know and love will die before any of us are ready. Who is a member of your family that you’ve had strained relationships with? Would you have any regrets if you never got to see or hear from them again? Take some time to ask God about what caused this rift. What (if anything) could you have done better? If you were innocent, when was the last time you prayed for them?

3. After we experience a traumatic event, it will inevitably come with residual effects that will impact us in varying ways. Because of all the different ways this hurt can linger, there are also different things we can do to address these issues. Occasionally, time is all we need to recover from the experience. Prayer and fasting is always an option for us to turn to. But some occasions are suited for a mental health or medical professional. We may not always be aware of what’s going on with us, which is why it can help to have a trained professional guide us to the root of some of our behaviors. Take some time to meditate, and let God speak to you about a habit or behavior that persists in you. What are some action steps you've taken to address them? What are some steps God is leading you to take moving forward?


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