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Job Series - Faith of Job

1. Faith is having the assurance that everything will be okay eventually. While Job seemingly waivered in his faith, he never lost it. When you fall on hard times, what's your natural response? What do you find helps you to cling to the confidence that things will work together for your good?

2. Being a Christian is about much more than believing in God. It’s even more than simply accepting Jesus into our lives. It requires a lifestyle where we seek to grow closer to God daily. This doesn’t mean we have to spend an hour in prayer and another hour reading the Bible every day but we should strive to move closer day by day, even if it’s incrementally. What steps are you currently taking to know your faith better so you can move closer to God?

3. As Christians we know we will have difficult times. Things that seem to be unfair will happen. We will lose relationships we cherish and people we love. The important thing is to rise up again, for a just man falleth seven times and rises again (Proverbs 24:16). What is a circumstance you’ve been through that has knocked you back in your walk with God? What helped you keep your faith through those difficult times?

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1 Comment

LaRhonda Marie
LaRhonda Marie
Aug 31, 2023

I enjoyed the entire series. Really allowed me time to study the life of JOB like I have never done! ❤️

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