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Job Series - Facts of Job

1. Following God doesn’t mean no bad days. And just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you’ve sinned or that He loves you any less. Sometimes bad things happen to those we consider good, and good things happen to those we think don't deserve it. Thankfully, God doesn’t reward us based on our behavior alone. If He did, we’d all be in trouble. Think of something that happened to you (good or bad) that you didn't believe you deserved. What was your attitude throughout the experience? What was your big takeaway?

2. The Greek word for temptation (peirasmos) means to experiment. So Satan likes to experiment on us by seeing what he can use to pull us further away from God and eventually destroy us. Maybe he tried gambling, but you pushed him away. Next up was sex, and you managed to avoid stumbling there too. Satan is persistent and will keep working at it until he finds something that sticks. Thankfully, God will always provide a way out for us. Can you share about a time God provided a way out of a situation where you were being tempted?

3. In some spy movies, the bad guys will run experiments on an agent of another country to try and get information out of them or turn them into a double agent/assassin for their team. They come in with these torture kits and go to work until they find something that gets the results they’re looking for. That’s much like Satan using temptation as he tries to get us to either do his bidding or try to make it so we’re not as effective as we could be. On the other hand, God’s tests are like a teacher giving their students a pop quiz. Sure, most of us complain, but it reveals what we need to work on before the big exam. Are you experiencing a test right now? If yes, what areas is God showing you that you could do better in? If not, what are you doing to make sure you’re ready when it comes?


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