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I'm Not By Myself

1. When Nebuchadnezzar had the three Hebrew boys thrown into the fiery furnace in Daniel 3:13-27, he did so out of his pride being bruised. He thought he was a god who should be worshipped, something Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego disagreed with (rightfully so). While it can be easy to look down on this king for his pride, we all have moments when we think we belong on the throne. What is an area of life that you need to do a better job of letting God be on the throne?

2. When going through our own fiery furnaces, it can be easy to feel alone. But just like He did for our three heroes in this sermon, God will show up in our trouble alongside us. To comfort and protect us. Can you share about a time in your life when God shielded you from the proverbial fire to the point that you didn’t even come out smelling like the situation you had been in?

3. It can be easy to forget to come to God when we’re in the middle of our trials. Sometimes we come to Him as a last resort rather than our first. Take a moment to sit still and think about the things going on in your life. Not just the bad but the good too. What is God putting on your heart for you to let Him come to your aid?


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