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I'm Here to Serve: "The Principle of Serving"

1. Most of us want to leave a lasting impact on the world. We know we can’t live on earth forever, so the next best thing is for the memories of us to live on forever. Some people choose to do that through their kids, while others do that through making impressive music or being a skilled athlete. But to be great in the Kingdom of God we must be a servant. And since God knows our hearts, He knows when we’re doing it for the right reasons. Acknowledgment for doing kind things feels nice, but serving others is sometimes a thankless job. This includes obedience from your kids, affection from your spouse, a favor from a friend, or a thank you from a stranger. How do you respond when people don't recognize you for all the nice things you do?

2. Being great in God’s Kingdom sometimes means doing things that aren’t exactly our favorite activities or may even be at an inconvenient time. There may even be times that we feel called to do something, but we can’t go straight to doing it, and we need to spend time preparing. You may feel called to preach, but your training could last for 10 years, having to spend time in kid’s church, with the youth, and in Wednesday night Bible studies. How do you feel God is calling you to minister to others? As you wait to enter that calling, how can you humble yourself in service as you prepare for your future assignment?

3. Matthew 25:34-40 shows us that sometimes we serve the hungry, we’re ministering to Jesus. How do you usually respond when you meet someone less fortunate than you? Do you treat them as well as you would Jesus? How can you bridge the gap between how you currently treat the less fortunate and how you would treat Jesus?


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