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I Can't Go Back

1. When Jesus died and was resurrected, He released us from the prison of sin, but that isn’t the end of our story. We have to remain firm and not let ourselves slip into poor habits that could allow us to forfeit the freedom Jesus paid the price for us to have. What verses do you turn to that help you stand firm in the face of sin’s attempts to pull you back into the life you’ve been freed from?

2. Once we’ve been freed from sin, our responsibility is to stay free. Imagine a prisoner being released early on good behavior but decided to return to their cell because they were comfortable in there. Granted, Satan doesn’t make it easy to stay free, but ultimately, he doesn’t have any authority to do anything other than tempt us. None of us (hopefully) want to go back to the lives we lived before Jesus saved us, but many of us do. What steps have you taken this year to remain free from some of the issues you had to be freed from?

3. Accepting the gift of salvation from Jesus allows us to get filled with the Holy Spirit. So the same spirit that was in Jesus when He was performing miracles resides in those of us who have accepted this gift. When bad things happen because of our choices, it can be easy to blame others, but ultimately, it comes down to whether or not we exercise the authority given to us by the Holy Spirit. What habits can you start to form that will help you mature in your spiritual walk as you try to look more like Jesus?


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