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I Am Legend

1. Jesus lived the most legendary life of any person to walk the face of the earth. He fed thousands, healed countless people, and performed many other miracles. While writing about this fact, in 1 Corinthians 15:8, the Apostle Paul laments the timing of his birth. Have you ever done this? Wishing you had been born at a time that you felt aligned more with your values? Maybe a time when there was less apparent division in the country or when you didn't have to navigate so many societal issues? Like Paul, we're all specially equipped to minister in the times that we live in. While none of us will go on to write two-thirds of the Bible, we can all impact our communities. How do you feel uniquely equipped to minister to the world? What steps are you taking to walk in your calling?

2. We consider countless people to be legends, but once they die, that’s the end of their contributions to the world. Sure, we can still appreciate what they accomplished, but that’s the end of the line for them. Even Tupac’s posthumous albums were created before his murder (contrary to what some of us want to believe). Like all of them, Jesus died. But unlike them, He stood back up. So while we can't call on Chadwick Boseman to reprise his role of King T'Challa, we can always call on King Jesus to guide us. What situation in life could you use our risen Savior's guidance with?

3. Jesus amassed many witnesses throughout His earthly ministry. He attracted so many because of His impact on everyone’s life. One unique thing about Jesus’ status as a legend is that He was able to pass on the very thing that made Him a legend. In fact, some of His parting words to His grieving disciples were that it's better for them that He leaves because only then can the Spirit come live inside each of them. With the power of a legend in us, we too can do something legendary. At the end of your life, what is something you'd like to be remembered for? If you're not on that path already, what can you do to get started?


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