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"His Boundaries Bring His Blessing" - Part I

1.       Boundaries are an important aspect of living healthy lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Bible makes several references to boundaries to not just help keep us safe but to bless us and help us thrive. We’ve all seen victories where boundaries played a key role. Maybe our boundary was no longer staying up past 10 pm, and we started performing better at work. Or we stopped eating certain foods and started feeling better and losing weight. What blessings have you experienced lately? Can you identify where having boundaries contributed?

2.       We naturally want to do things our way, which can lead to us blurring the boundaries God has given us. Some of those boundaries have been explicitly stated in the Bible (lying, loving our neighbors, etc.), and others he has given to us individually in our prayer life (no more R-rated or hanging out with our “friend”). In what area of life have you seen a lack of clear boundaries coming back to bite you? Looking back, what boundary could you have put in place for there to have been a better outcome?

3.       We need to continue building boundaries if we’re going to move toward who God wants us to be. When we fail to put good boundaries in place, we leave space for the devil to creep in. As Pastor Randy puts it, “A narrow boundary produces great blessings. A wide boundary produces great destruction”. What are some goals you have for you and your family? What boundaries can you put in place that will position you for future success?


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