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"He's Intentional"

1. The Word is fuel for our spiritual body like food is for our physical body. And much like when we don’t eat, we can get weak and sluggish in our spirits when we aren’t in God’s word. But with that said, there’s a difference between reading the Bible and studying it. Both are great things to do, but studying allows for a better understanding and deeper relationship with God. What is a subject found in the Bible, you wish you knew a little more about? What barriers do you have to learning more about it? What could you do to make studying this subject a possibility?

2. Often times we try to praise God, but we find ourselves weighed down by life’s cares. Sometimes it’s self-inflicted problems, and other times it's things we don’t have control over. What is an issue in your life that you believe is hindering your ability to praise God wholeheartedly? What steps have you taken to get through this issue? How can IMPACT help you as you navigate the problem?

3. Minister Breckenridge said, "There's no such thing as an unwanted adoption." This means God knew what He doing when He grafted you into the Body of Christ. Have you ever felt like God made a mistake with you or that you didn't belong in His family? Fortunately, plenty of scriptures show He doesn't make mistakes and knows the beginning from the end. What are some scriptures you turn to to help strengthen your belief that God didn't make a mistake when He chose you?


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