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Getting My Money Right" - Sowing

1. While God is faithful to forgive us when we don’t always get it right, He does expect us to put Him first in our money management decisions, and to handle our finances responsibly. Pastor Randy said that our checkbook (or bank account for folks under 40) is like our spiritual EKG machine and can provide insight into the condition of our hearts. What does your checkbook say about your heart? What spiritual exercises could you do to get healthier?

2. God sees the seeds that we sow and doesn’t forget. Even if it doesn’t come when and how we want it, we can trust that God will bless us beyond measure. In Malachi 3:10, He even invites us to test Him on this. These blessings don’t always come how we imagine them (finding a random check in the mail or getting a promotion at work), sometimes they come in the way of you not having to spend money on something that would’ve otherwise cost you (no serious car issues, clean bill of health, no major home maintenance, etc.). What blessing have you recently received that wasn’t financial but had a positive impact on your financial situation?

3. God provides seed to those who sow because He wants to be able to trust that the people He gives the seed to won’t just turn around and eat it for themselves. Who is someone in your life who you believe God trusts to take care of the seeds He provides them? What lesson have you learned or could learn from them that will allow you to become a better sower?


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