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"Getting My Money Right" - Tithing

Updated: Feb 5

  1. Everything belongs to God – We all work hard for our money, and it’s natural to feel like it’s ours since we earned it. But God gifted us with the skills, abilities, and opportunities to earn a living. And in His word (Haggai 2:8), He declares all the “silver and gold” is His, so we’re ultimately just managers of the money that belongs to God. How well do you feel you have been stewarding the resources God has provided? In what ways do you think you could grow?

  2. We all want our finances to be blessed, and Romans 11:16 provides a pretty clear rule of thumb that we can follow to ensure that they get blessed. When we honor God with the first, He blesses the rest. Do you honor God with your first? If so, what blessings have you seen as a result? If not, what’s preventing you from being able to do so?

  3. Tithing can be a touchy subject, but it can be a good litmus test for our relationship with God. Matthew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Take some time to look at your regular expenses. While some are out of your control (utilities, rent/mortgage), some are necessary but we have some say in how much we spend (food and clothing), and others are flat-out convenient (movies, cell phones, etc.). When you look at your bank account, where does your heart lie? What changes can you make to point it more toward God?


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