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Fully Persuaded

1. In Romans 4:13-21, Paul writes about Abraham being fully persuaded that God would keep the promise He made despite it seeming physically impossible. The Bible is full of promises from God to His people, but it can be easy to let circumstances dissuade us from trusting God will come through for us. What promise has God made that you’re doubting can come true for you? What is something you can do to regain confidence that God has the power to do what he has promised?

2. Abraham held firm in his belief and was rewarded for his faith. He had seen God show his faithfulness before, and he undoubtedly leaned on previous experiences to trust God. We’re all likely waiting for something. Maybe we’re waiting for an improved doctor’s report. Or we’re waiting for a spouse, children, job, or countless other things. In times like these, it can strengthen us to remember times God has shown up for us already. Can you share a time when God showed you His faithfulness? How can you lean on that experience to strengthen you in this season?

3. Abraham had to wait 25 years to see God's promise come to fruition. Abraham had every earthly reason to think God was tripping or that he misunderstood what he was told. Sometimes we have to wait for God’s timing so things can come together for us. Maybe the job you want doesn’t exist now, but He’s working it out so that the job you’re made for is ready for you when you're ready for it. Other times, He may want us to learn an important lesson so we're equipped to receive the blessing He has for us. Take some time to sit still, pray, and listen to God's voice. What is the lesson He wants you to learn as you wait?


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