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  1. One of the things that is common to all people is that relationships will end. Some will end because someone died, and others will end because of internal factors (stopped getting along) or external factors (someone moved). We mourn these losses because they are people who mean a lot to us, so it’s ok to take some time to step back and grieve as long as what we find comfort in isn’t ungodly. But we also can’t allow them to keep us from moving towards God’s purpose for us. What loss(es) weighed heavy on your heart in 2023? How did you find comfort as you navigate your grief?

  2. Like a good gardener, God will prune us to help keep us healthy and whole. Sometimes, that means removing good things that keep us from His best. Other times, He prunes things that aren’t healthy for us, and on some occasions, it's something producing death in our lives. What was removed from your life in 2023 that while you didn’t choose it, you found that its ending helped bear good fruit in your life?

  3. As we close out 2023 and look ahead to the New Year, there are endings that we know must occur for us to move closer to God. He may have even already let you know what it is. What endings have you accepted heading into 2024? What fruit are you hopeful that it brings forward in your life?

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