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"Don't Let Go of Your Faith"

1. Knowledge is a good thing to pursue and exercise, but it can’t be at the expense of faith. Faith is a gift that we receive upon hearing the Word, and we should use it regularly. What situation in your life are you applying your faith to? How can your church family partner with you to help strengthen your faith?


2. Many of us have big faith when we first accept Christ, and then the cares of this life can slowly pull us away if we aren't diligent. Ultimately, this is the mission of our enemy, and one of our primary tasks is to ensure that we don’t allow that to happen. What challenges have you allowed to weaken your faith or pull you away altogether? What can you do to get a better grip on your relationship with God?


3. There are several things a Christian is expected to do, but near the top of that list is to share the Gospel. It doesn't always have to be in an eloquent speech, but how you live your life and treat people can also do plenty of evangelizing. Who is someone you have passed your faith onto? How has it manifested in their life?


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