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Children: The Future

In Joshua 1:1-6 we see the responsibility of leading the people of Israel officially pass from Moses to Joshua. It was a time of grief and uncertainty since Moses was the only leader this generation of Israelites knew. Whether it’s in your family, at work, or somewhere else, think of a time when a beloved and successful leader’s time was over. What feelings did you have at the time? What was the result of this change in leadership?

When a good foundation is in place, the next generation doesn’t have to create another one. They can build off the work of the previous leaders. When God empowered Joshua, He didn’t expect Joshua to be like Moses but to build off what Moses did as they got ready to enter the promised land. Whose foundation are you building off of, and what is the promised land you're hoping to enter?

Moses got called to be a leader who governs and delivers, but not a warrior. Joshua got called to be a leader who would lead Israel into many victories in battle, but not one who governs. Both had strengths and weaknesses, but God is a generational God with generational plans for us. He doesn’t want one person to do everything. What are your strengths as a leader, and how are you using them to help build your family? What are your weaknesses as a leader, and who do you ask to help you in those areas?


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