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An Empowered Woman

1. Abigail’s husband Nabal (translates to fool) lived up to his name when he responded harshly to David’s men. Fortunately for him, he had a wise wife who took action before his poor decision-making led to his destruction. Her response saved her household and spared David from getting unnecessary blood on his hands, which would have undoubtedly hurt his rule once he became king. While we may not be as foolish as Nabal, we all have our moments. Hopefully, we all have someone like Abigail who can intercede for us. Can you share a time when you didn’t show the best decision-making, but a loved one stepped in on your behalf and spared you from the immediate consequences?

2. Nabal was a stubborn man who didn’t take counsel from others, including his wife. Although he was a man rich with material wealth, he wasn't a man of high character. The Bible tells us about the importance of wise counsel, but Nabal thought he didn't need anyone's advice. We imagine nobody seeing this wants to be like Nabal. Who are the people you're willing to take counsel from? How did they earn that position in your life?

3. Although rushing into things is typically not the best choice, once we know what the right action is, it can serve us well to move quickly in getting started on what needs to get done. Abigail knew she didn’t have time to waste since David was on a path to destroy her home and most of the people in it. She didn’t wait to pray and hear directly from God or wait for a sign. She trusted the wisdom God had already placed in her and made haste, hoping she would catch David in time. Can you relate? Can you share a time that you moved quickly in hopes that it would work out in your best interest? How did it turn out?


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