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"All In"

  1. When we belong to God, He wants us to be all in with Him. So when difficult situations arise, we should remain steadfast in our trust that He will keep His word. We have all likely gone through situations where we’re tempted to try and solve the issue in our own way while also praying for God’s help. It's good to walk in faith, but we shouldn’t try to manipulate things through deceit and underhandedness (like Jacob did with Esau). What is a situation you’re waiting on God to work out? What can you do in the meantime to express your faith that He will keep His promises?

  2. We’ve all thought about folding our hands and quitting when situations and relationships got too hard, making us hopeless about the outcome. Sometimes we check out because victory doesn’t seem possible. Can you share when you folded your hand on a job, relationship, or circumstance? Looking back, what was one major takeaway from the experience? How can you use that lesson to help yourself do better in the future, and also help teach others?

  3. With God, we’re always just one card away from Him turning the entire situation around. Maybe it’s a well-timed encounter with a future business partner or a mutual friend introducing you to your future spouse. God knows exactly what cards we need right when we need them, but there will be times when He has to wrestle some things away from us so we can receive the new card He’s trying to give us. What is something you once held dear that God has wrestled away from you? What "Ace" did He replace it with?


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