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1440: The Secret to A Successful Year - Part II

1. Although it can feel like a hassle sometimes, being organized is a blessing. It helps with preparation, unity, and a host of other advantages. Perhaps the best benefit is that it allows you to walk in the mission God has given you. What area of your life do you need to get organized? How do you think it has impacted what God has for you?

2. God is not the author of disorder but peace. While we don’t want to be rigid, which would potentially quench the Holy Spirit, if we don’t keep what we have in order, we won’t have any claims to getting more than we have now. What is an area you would like to see growth in? What do you need to get organized in to prepare for the growth?

3. When Jesus was preparing to perform one of His most famous miracles, He started by organizing the crowd. When we have things in order, we take care of what's in our strength and allow God to move in with His. In what area of your life have you done all that you can but still need a miracle to see it come to pass?


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