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"What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do"

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

1. It’s normal for us to find ourselves in a place where we’re feeling left out in the dark. It can make it difficult to discern whether or not the Spirit is talking to us, but it’s our responsibility to receive His word when He speaks, regardless of it being what we want to see or hear. Thankfully He’s patient, so if we ignore Him once, He doesn’t mind repeating the test until we pass. What is a situation you’ve been wanting God to address? What can you do to make yourself more receptive to whatever He has next for you?

2. It can be tempting to want to move on after we feel like we’ve been obedient to the last thing God told us to do. But sometimes, the best thing we can do is stay right where we’re at until God gives us a new word. Even if we see those around us moving forward in their lives, it’s in our best interest to stand on what God has already given us. Can you think of a time you had to wait before you could take the next step? How did it work out for you? What did you learn from that experience that you could apply to your current one?

3. Much like Peter when the storm took his focus off Jesus, trouble will come to distract us from where we’re going. If we can stay focused on God's word, it won’t matter what’s happening around us. What storm is threatening to take your focus off God’s word? What can you do to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus during this time?


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