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"The Greatest NIL Deal"

1. When God made mankind, He made us in His image, a fact that our enemy Satan hates us for. He sees a constant reminder of what he lost whenever he looks at any of us. Because of this, he is always looking for ways he can attack. How has Satan tried to come at you lately? How can we pray for you as you try to combat his attacks?

2. As Christians, we are committed to acting like Jesus, aiming to resemble God’s spiritual nature and not live based on our feelings. Who is someone you've seen embody this truth well? What is one practice they've lived by that you could adopt? 

3. The name of Jesus is the one name that is above every name. While He spent much of His time feeding the hungry and performing miracles, His ultimate mission was to save us. It's tempting to use Jesus' name for some of the things that come up in our lives, His primary focus has been and always will be saving souls. Meaning it should be our primary focus as well. How often do you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others? What prevents you from doing it more?


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