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"Lord Help Me! I Want to Grow." | PT 2

1.       One of God’s primary expectations is that we’re growing in our faith. He put each of us on earth to fulfill a mission, and we need to reach our potential if we’re going to complete it. We need to keep growing if we hope to reach our full potential. Think back to where you were in your faith last year. What growth have you seen in the last 6 months? What growth would you like to see in the next 6 months?

2.       Sometimes the methods God uses to help us grow are unpleasant and maybe even upsetting. Maybe it was losing a relationship, job, or anything else you invested time and energy into. Have you ever had a loss that you were upset with God about or even questioned His goodness? What growth did you experience after the dust settled?

3.       The ultimate purpose of our growth is to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom, which requires discipline so we can remain connected to the True Vine (Jesus). Judas was once connected to Jesus but got so far removed that Satan was able to enter into him. What habits have you developed to allow you to remain connected to the True Vine? What fruit are you currently bearing as a result?


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