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The Christmas Connection - Joseph

1. Joseph had a relationship with God, which allowed him to hear from the angel in Matthew 1:20 and be obedient. How connected do you feel to God in this season of your life? What are some things you could do to get better connected with Him?

2. Joseph was so connected to Mary that even though he believed she had betrayed him, he didn’t want her to get stoned to death. After he learned that she had conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit, Joseph likely had to deal with the embarrassment and awkwardness of those around town thinking she was an adulterer. Have you ever been the source of discomfort or embarrassment for someone you had a close connection to? How did they continue to make you feel loved even through that difficult time?

3. Joseph had to protect his family from Herod, who wanted to kill Jesus. They had to leave their home and flee to Egypt until it was safe to return to Israel. Have you ever had to leave a comfortable situation for the protection of someone you're connected with? What did God teach you while you were in your version of Egypt?


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