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Moments Missions Miles

1. God uses moments to capture our attention, to help get us started on the path he has for us. We can point to heroes of the faith, such as Abraham, Moses, and Paul, to name a few. Do you believe you’re walking in God’s will? If so, what moment did He use to set you on this path? If not (or even if you’re unsure), what barriers do you think could be in the way of Him capturing your attention?

2. God chooses moments to capture our hearts, so He can reveal His mission for us. Once our mission has been set before us, we can either accept or reject what He has for us to accomplish. Rejecting His mission doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be failures, but it does mean that we’re living in disobedience and won’t have access to what He has next for us. Are you feeling stuck? Think back to the last mission you accepted from God. Did you complete it? If not, what's preventing you from finishing what you started? If you did complete it, what is He putting on your heart to do next?

3. After accepting the mission, we must walk out our faith by doing the work. By moving down the path no matter how long it takes us. It can be easy to think that because something came easy, it was God’s will for us, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Think about a time that you settled for something because it was easy, but it ended up not being what was best. What did you learn about yourself? How did God show Himself in that situation?


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