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I'm Here to Serve: "The Praise of Serving"

1. Service is one of the many ways we can offer praise to God. But to be as effective as possible, we must get into the position to make ourselves available to Him. That could mean taking a slightly lower-paying job with much better hours, buying a more affordable home that allows you to give more consistently, and more. What is an area of life that you could get back to “Middle C” so you can be more available to serve God? What steps can you take this week to move closer to making that happen?

2. God is relational and often calls us into a relationship with Himself and other believers. Service is no exception. People can be frustrating to work with, but we still need to remain in a relationship with them for their good and ours. Not just the easy-to-get-along-with people but the difficult-to-love ones as well. Take some time to pray and hear from God this week. What is a new opportunity God is putting on your heart to not only serve but to do so near other people?

3. Adversity is bound to come when we try to pursue God. Satan will use it to tempt us into pulling away from God, while God uses the pressure of adversity to help us become who we’re meant to be. We must yield to God and God alone. What kind of adversity is impacting your ability to serve? How can this situation be used to help you grow in the Lord?


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