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God's Brand, God's Man

- Brand Identity

God wants us to look like Him, to only align ourselves according to His brand alone. He’s crowned us and made us a little lower than Himself (Psalm 8:3-5). What brands do you sometimes identify with other than what God has crowned you?

- Brand Intelligence

God wants us to act like Him, and to do that we need to access the mind of Christ. Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. While we may be familiar with the importance placed on IQ (intelligence quotient), as Christians, we need to focus more on our SQ (spiritual quotient). In what ways are you working to improve your spiritual walk with God?

- Brand Instructions

God wants us to function like Him, which is to work or operate in a proper or particular way. For us to do that we need to stay in His word, keeping with the instructions that help us stay true to His brand. A 2019 Lifeway Research study showed that only 32% of Christians read their Bible each day. Are you in that 32%? If not, what prevents you from reading your "instruction manual" every day?

Bonus: Men Only – Part of looking like God is being a father to the fatherless. Are you investing in the life of a young man who doesn’t have a Godly male figure in his life? If not, prayerfully consider who God could be leading you to disciple.


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