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Deserving Dads

1. Fathers are a vital element in raising a child. Whether it’s their biological father, grandfather, step-father, or a positive male presence (mentor, uncle, etc.), children stand their best chance of reaching their full potential when they have a father figure partnering with their Mom to help guide them. Take this time to brag about whoever that man was in your life. Can you share about the most involved positive male role model throughout your childhood? What were some of the most valuable life lessons you learned from him?

2. All dads have a level of dysfunction that can cause varying degrees of conflict within the relationship between their children and their children’s mother. Not all dysfunction is as apparent as the different forms of abuse. Sometimes dysfunction can be mistaking a lack of conflict for peace. Or not know how to develop close relationships, so they create distance because it’s helped them to feel emotionally safe. Looking back, how did this dysfunction shape who you are as a person? What steps have you taken to not pass this on to the next generation?

3. Unfortunately, too many men use the “head of the household” role as an excuse to assert unchecked power and dominance over their families. But this title is more than just being the deciding vote and getting the big piece of chicken. It also means sacrificing your desires and in extreme cases, your very life to serve and protect your family. Since Jesus is the standard for the husband’s role in a family, we should let the way He loved His bride (the Church) be an example. Fellas, in what ways could you live a more sacrificial life for your family? Ladies, what are some examples of sacrificial living you've seen from an important male figure in your life?


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